Red - Risk - Business

Risk Mitigation

Comprehensive Coverage for Your Business

Covers the company against losses to the property arising from insured perils, accidental loss or damage.

Red - Protect - Business

One Stop Solution

Protection for Specific Trades

Provide all-round coverage to your business.

Business Protect360 Packages

Focus on your business and let us take care of the nitty-gritty for you.


Protection for Office Premises

A comprehensive package that caters to the insurance needs of offices such as coverage to indemnifies company financial losses incurred whilst normal business at the insured premise is disrupted due to property damage.

Office - Business
Retail - Business

Retail and Services

Protection for Retail and Services

A comprehensive package designed for the Retail and Service industry such as reasonable additional expenses for rental of alternative premises/cost of temporary storage of property in the event of insured risk which renders location of risk uninhabitable.

Food and Beverages

Protection for Food and Beverages Businesses

A comprehensive solution that is tailored to manage the insurance needs of the Food and Beverage industry such as protection against Fire and for money in locked drawer, cash register and safe in insured premises.

F&B - Business
Clinics - Business

Medical Clinics

Protection for Medical Clinics

A comprehensive solution that caters to the insurance needs of medical clinics (TCMs, aesthetician, etc) and covers legal liability for accidental bodily injury and/or property damage to third parties occurring anywhere in Singapore in connection with business.

Benefits of Business Protect360

Our Business Protect360 is a series of hassle-free insurance solutions that provides you a comprehensive coverage for your business.

Accident - Business

Accidental Damage and
Physical Loss of Property

Rental - Business

Rental Expenses

Expenses - Business

Daily Cash Benefit

Public Liability - Business

Public Liability

Why you should choose Business Protect360?

  Flexibility With Customisation

Customise your protection and get the best quote. We understand that every business is unique and constantly changing. We can tailor our solutions to fit your business needs.


At HL Assurance, we have a team of experienced professionals to help you assess your business risk, and recommend the essential products beneficial to your business insurance requirements, and recommend the essential products beneficial to your business.

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