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If you think that just having a fire insurance is sufficient to cover your house when unfortunate event happened – Think again. You probably did not know that it doesn’t cover your favourite sofa set, hi-fi system, the marble/parquet flooring/built-in cabinets (installed by your contractor), and any other contents and personal belongings in your house. Then what covers these valuable possessions of yours? Check out Home ProtectLite, a simple and affordable protection of the contents in your house for a total sum insured of $50,000.

Benefits and Coverage

CoverageMaximum Amount Covered (S$)
Contents Benefits

Household Contents, Renovation, Fixtures and Fittings

Covers physical loss or damages to the Renovations and Contents caused by insured perils – such as Fire, Bursting of Water pipes, Explosion, Lightning etc

Home Benefits

Spoilage of Food and Drinks in Refrigerators

Cost of replacing deteriorated food due to malfunction of refrigerator


Removal of Debris

Cost incurred for removal of debris following damage to your home


Home Enhancements

Covers cost of modifying to the house to aid mobility within the premises due to Permanent Total Disablement of the home residents


Replacement of Locks and Keys due to break-in

Covers the replacement of locks and keys securing the house if they are lost or damaged as a result of theft, burglary or robbery

Liability of the Insured

Personal Liability (within Singapore)

Against any legal liability for accidental property damage or loss or accidental death of or bodily injury caused by negligence of the Insured anywhere within Singapore.

Personal Accident

Family Personal Accident (within Insured Premise)

For Insured and/or Spouse

5,000 each
24 Hour Home Assistance Services

Access to our 24-hour Home Assistance Services that includes arrangement of plumbing, locksmith, pest control, electrician, home cleaning and air-con service referral


For just $50 a year,

usual price: $100
you will get to enjoy more than $100,000 worth of benefits in protecting your home. Don’t wait further, have a peace of mind now.


What is Home ProtectLite?

Home ProtectLite is a home contents insurance plan that protects your renovations and contents within your home against fire, bursting of water pipes, theft and other causes specified in the policy. In addition, it also comes with other benefits like Personal Liability, Personal Accident Protection and Emergency Home Assist at no additional cost.

If I already have Fire Insurance, why do I need Home ProtectLite?

Under most Fire Insurance Scheme, you will only be covered against damage to the building structure – which includes permanent fixtures, ceilings, windows etc. Any loss or damage to your renovations, or any household contents (such as personal belongings, furniture, electricial items) will not be covered.

What does Home ProtectLite cover against?

Home ProtectLite covers the home due to the following perils

  • Water discharged or overflowing or leaking from pipes
  • Fire, lightning, domestic explosion
  • Hurricane, cyclone, typhoon, windstorm, flood
  • Earthquake or earthquake shock.
  • Theft accompanied by violent or forcible entry into Your Home by any person other than a member of the Household or any other person living in Your Home.

Must I provide a list of my home items to get covered?

No, you do not need to provide any list of home items to get covered. It is an easy application and immediate cover (when you choose the effective date)

If I move house, can I transfer my Home ProtectLite?

Yes, you may transfer your Home ProtectLite to your new home. Please write in to HL Assurance and inform us of the change.

Which is the company that provides Home ProtectLite?

Home ProtectLite is underwritten by HL Assurance. HL Assurance is a member of Hong Leong Group

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