Protect your utilities bills and home contents with just S$0.27 a day (S$8.15 a month)!

You’ve created a beautiful home, you may want to protect it now. Your home is more than a roof over your head. It is your sanctuary and the anchor of your family. Let us help you to safeguard what matters most.

For just S$0.27 a day (S$8.15 a month), you can be assured that your precious belongings such as your household contents (like furniture, decorations and electrical appliances) are covered in the event of fire, burglaries and floods.

Key Benefits

  • Up to S$1,000,000 personal liability cover
  • Up to S$50,000 over for loss and/or damage to home contents and renovation
  • Covers utilities bills with Bill Protector for up to S$3,600 over a period of 12 months
  • 24-Hour Home Concierge Services

Benefits at a glance

Protect your utilities bills and home contents with just S$0.27 a day (S$8.15 a month)!

CoverageMaximum Amount Covered (S$)
Contents, Renovation, Fixtures & Fittings

Covers for loss of or damages to Contents, Renovation, Fixtures & Fittings


Temporary Removal

Covers for accidental loss or damage to your contents temporarily removed from Your Home for temporary storage in a secured premise


Cost of Alternative Accomodation

Covers cost of alternative accomodation while your home remains uninhabitable


Visitor's and Domestic Helper's Personal Effects

Covers accidental loss or damage whilst in the Insured Home


Professional Fees

Covers architects’, surveyors’, and consulting engineers’ professional fees incurred in the repair or reinstatement of the Insured Property


Conservancy Charges

Covers conservancy charges payable if your home is rendered uninhabitable


Emergency Cash Allowance

Covers the purchase of essential items such as clothing or personal effects while your home remains uninhabitable


Replacement of Personal Computer

Covers loss or damage to desktop, laptop and tablet


Removal of Debris

Covers cost incurred for the removal of debris, including dismantling or demolishing


Utilities Bills Relief

Covers utility bills up to 12 months while your home is uninhabitable

Additional Benefits

Loss of Money

Covers loss of money due to Theft by forcible and violent entry or exit


Replacement of Locks & Keys

Covers replacement of stolen or damaged external locks and keys due to break-In


Spoilage of Food and Drinks in Refrigerators

Covers the cost of replacing deteriorated or putrid food due to malfunction of the refrigerator or freezer


Accidental Breakage to Fixed Glass and Mirrors

Covers the replacement costs due to accidental breakage of fixed glass in windows, doors and fan lights

Liability of the Insured

Personal Liability

Covers liability in respect of Accidental death of or Bodily Injury to any person or Accidental damage to material property belonging to any person caused by Your negligence

Personal Accident

Covers Death and Permanent Total Disablement caused by an Accident

20,000 for each Insured/Spouse

10,000 for each Child

Max 40,000 per Family

Bill Protector

Covers utilities bills up to 12 months in event of Accidental death or Permanent Total Disablement

24-Hour Home Concierge Services

Concierge Services - Locksmith/ Plumber/ Electrician /Pest Control /Air-Con Repair Service


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Premium is inclusive of 9% GST

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to apply for HomeSafe Insurance?

You can purchase this plan if you are the Home Owner and/or Tenant occupying the insured premises.

I already bought HDB Fire Insurance, why do I need HomeSafe Insurance?

Under the HDB Fire Insurance, you are only covered against damages to the internal building structure, fixtures and fittings based on the original standard of HDB flat. Any loss or damage to your renovation or household contents (like furniture, decorations, electrical appliances and personal possessions, etc.) is not covered.

What is Renovation cover for?

Renovation cover refers to the additions made within the premises by you or any previous Home Owner and/or Tenant in the form of fixtures and fittings, such as flooring, built-in wardrobes and kitchen cabinets.

What is Contents cover for?

It covers loss of and damage to physical and movable household items or personal belongings. This includes money and valuables kept within the premises belonging to you or your family members.

Following old household contents’ damage arising from fire, can I claim for Removal of Debris?

Yes, you can claim for expenses incurred on the Removal of Debris, dismantling or demolishing, shoring up or propping the property, up to the Limit of Benefits Payable.

Can I claim for the loss of my jewellery due to theft or burglary in the home?

Yes, the loss will be covered under Household Valuables. Please refer to the HomeSafe Benefits for their respective coverage.

What does Personal Liability cover?

It covers you if you are legally responsible for accidentally injuring someone or causing loss or damage to someone else’s property. We will pay for the legal expenses for representing or defending you/them and/or the amount awarded against you/them by the court in Singapore.

Do I need to inform HL Assurance if I move house?

Yes, you can call the hotline or notify HL Assurance in writing as soon as you are aware of such a change.

What are the Terms and Conditions of HomeSafe?

You can find out more about our Terms and Conditions here.

How do I make a claim for my home contents?

You can submit the claim form, along with the supporting documents by fax to 6224 1923, email to or post it to HL Assurance’s office at 11 Keppel Road #11-01 ABI Plaza Singapore 089057.

HomeSafe Annual Plan Voucher Promotion Terms and Conditions

You can find out more about our Terms and Conditions here