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If you have a travel claim, please submit it within 30 days after the occurrence of any event which may give rise to a claim.
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Supporting Documents needed when making a claim for:

Required for all Travel Insurance Claims:

  • Original duly completed and signed Claim Form
  • Copy of Flight / Travel itinerary
  • Copy boarding pass / air tickets / passport

1. Personal Accident, Medical, Dental and Other Expenses

  • Medical Report / Discharge Summary / Doctor Memo
  • Original Medical receipts
  • Death Certificate, autopsy report, coroner’s findings (for death claim)
  • Documentary proof of relationship between deceased and claimant (for death claim)
  • Motor accident report / police report (for injury / death resulting from a traffic accident)

2. Baggage & Personal Effects

  • Copy of police report lodged at place of loss within 24 hours (Due to Theft, Burglary or
  • Baggage loss or damage report / Property irregularity Report from the carrier / airline
  • Baggage tag(s) issued from the carrier / airline during check-in
  • Written confirmation of carrier / airline’s settlement / rejection of claim for damage /
    loss of property
  • Photographs showing the overview and damaged portion of damaged items
  • Receipts / warranty cards of lost or damaged items

3. Money & Documents

  • Copy of police report lodged at place of loss within 24 hours
  • Receipts for replacement of passport / visa
  • Additional traveling and / or accommodation receipts necessarily incurred for replacement of
    the lost document

4. Baggage Delay

  • Baggage delay report
  • Baggage tag(s) issued from the carrier / airline during check-in
  • Acknowledgement receipt or written confirmation from the carrier / airline indicating
    collection date and time of the delay baggage

5. Trip Cancellation / Curtailment

  • Medical Report / Discharge Summary / Doctor Memo (Written advice from a Registered Medical
    Practitioner certifying that you are unfit to travel / continue with the trip)
  • Death Certificate
  • Proof of relationship (if due to sickness, injury or death of related person)
  • Original receipts(s) of the deposit and / or charges tour fare / transport / accommodation
    paid in advance by You
  • Written confirmation from the airline / hotel / travel agency / other service providers
    indicating the non-refundable amount incurred by You due to the unavoidable cancellation of
    trip cancellation / curtailment
  • Original invoice / receipt for charges incurred in amending or purchasing additional air
    ticket / accommodation (for trip curtailment)

6. Travel Delay or Travel Misconnection or Overbooked Flight or Flight Diversion

  • Written confirmation from carrier / airline on reason and duration of travel delay,
    overbooked flight, misconnection, and / or diversion

7. Loss of Home Contents due to Burglary

  • Copy of police report lodged within 24 hours upon discovery
  • Original receipts of lost / damaged items
  • Original photographs showing means of entry into your home permises

8. Personal Liability

  • Do not admit any liability or make any offer, promise or payment without our prior consent
  • Forward all correspondence / documents from third parties concerning the accident to us
  • Copy of police report lodged (if applicable)

We will contact you for any additional documents that may be required.

Emergency Hotline for Travel Assistance Service

If you require any Home Concierge or Emergency Assistance Service, please contact our 24-hour Emergency Hotline at +65 6922 6009.