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Travel Blog

Here are some stories about people who have visited sunny Singapore and penned down their thoughts. You might be able to find some places to visit and make your own memories on the Singapore Map.

Singapore -
September 15, 2022

Must Visit Cafés in Singapore
Despite hawker centres being high on the to-do list of many visitors to Singapore, cafes offer another avenue for all your culinary adventures. With many cafes springing out in various neighbourhoods around the country, cafe culture in Singapore has grown from strength to strength — providing cosy dining environments, amazing brunches, aromatic brews, and delightful desserts. Here, we’ll be listing some of the must-visit cafes for your dining pleasure in Singapore.

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Singapore -
September 15, 2022

Local Food not to be Missed in Singapore
Known for being a cultural melting pot, Singapore’s cuisine reflects her multi-ethnic culture and heritage, resulting in a multitude of distinctive dishes each with unique flavours. Whether you’re craving something sweet, sour, spicy, or hearty, there’s bound to be a dish around any corner to satisfy your palate. Here, we’ll be listing local food not to be missed while on your travels in Singapore.

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Singapore -
September 30, 2022

Unique Hotels Singapore
Choosing accommodation for your Singaporean getaway can be a difficult task, with the garden city being home to over 400 hotels. Hotel options are aplenty, from skyscraping architectural marvels to cosy heritage-inspired apartments giving you options for your consideration. Instead of fretting over the abundance of choices, why not narrow your search down to having a unique hotel experience throughout your Singaporean stay? Here, we’ve sifted through the vast number of establishments at your disposal to find three unique hotels for a different and memorable lodging experience during your trip.

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Singapore -
September 30, 2022

Beautiful & Unusual Photography Spots Singapore
Skyscrapers and a beautiful cityscape largely dominate the photography bucket list of visitors to Singapore, and for good reason. The blend of high-rise marvels with meticulous design come together seamlessly for perfect snapshots, but there are also exotic spots around the island, away from the hustle and bustle of the city that give you exquisite photo opportunities for memories of your visit. Here’s a list of beautiful and unusual photography spots located around Singapore:

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